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Submission Guidelines - All games must follow these guidelines.

  • Good fun high quality game.
  • Game must be completely free or have a free trial version.
  • Game must not be r-rated, sexy, offensive or contain nudity.
  • Game playable online. Please link directly to where game is played online. Sorry downloadable only games do not apply.
  • Top level domains only. for example. No free hosting sites such as geocities, bravehost, freewebs, and others.
  • Visible at top of page. Game must be placed within 300 pixels of the top of page so users do not have to scroll down to see it.
  • Do not over advertise. We allow a maximum of one ad below and optionally one above the game. Too much looks amateur and annoys users.
  • Do not blatantly attempt to draw away visitors. Popup, flashing, or flagrant links to other pages are forbidden.
  • Do not abuse our guidelines afterwards. Some have changed their web pages after approval to abuse our policies, they have been dealt with harshly.
  • Website with solid bandwidth. Be sure your website hosting can handle a lot of bandwidth as a single large game could easily cause up to 10gb+ of data transfer per day (example a 1mb game played 4000 times = 4gb transfer).
  • You must be 100% legal, no ripoffs! You must be the game's legal copyright holder, have explicit non-refuteable permission from the legal copyright holder, or licensed from an authorized representative of the legal copyright holder. Basically if you're a swf thief or a leecher then go away!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO games or sites with ripped, warez, stolen, or otherwise non-authorized games plus NO spyware, adware, or viruses!
  • Do not submit duplicate games - search our game listings before submitting a new game. Please save both of our time, do not enter duplicate submissions!

More Submission Guidelines - All games must follow these guidelines.

  • Link to us. See below to link to us. We'll send you traffic, in exchange we appreciate your link! Links to us with better placement may get more of their games promoted.
  • Place our free games on your site. See below to place our free games on your site.

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